Collagen raw materials for medical and skin care
a) Proprietary technology for the production of medical grade collagen raw materials with high annual production capacity for use in implantable medical devices and medical aesthetic products.
b) The animal tissues used are sourced from Australia and New Zealand and are ISO13485-2003, IS022442-2007 and EDQM certified.
c) A wide variety of forms such as powder, slurry and liquid are available, and customized collagen raw material specifications are available to meet different customer needs.

Collagen Bone Graft Substitute Granule is a new form of bone grafting alternative that has multiple advantages. This innovative product is composed of inorganic and organic components, which enable it to be more resistant to infection and provide superior flexibility. Its unique granule structure makes it an ideal choice for stimulating new bone growth. This advanced technology also has faster fusion rates, reduced inflammatory response, and improved marginal stability. The product is also safer and more cost-effective than traditional bone graft materials. Furthermore, it promotes supported healing after implantation, making it an ideal choice for both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Collagen Bone Graft Substitute Granule provides an effective solution for treating various kinds of musculoskeletal conditions, including fractures, osteonecrosis, and other severe injuries. Its advanced design and easy application make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an effective way to treat these conditions.

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