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We have developed different production and technology platforms of medical grade collagen

to work with customers in research & development by assisting customers to develop new products and solve their problems in the manufacturing process .

Collagen Wound Dressing



The collagen wound dressings are absorbable with the effects of both hemostasis and wound healing.

For different medical applications, there are plug, sponge and powder, which are multi-functional wound dressings, and can be used togehter with antibiotics, growth factors and absorbent dressing.

Collagen wound dressing can be used for tissue repair after resection of oral cancer, and as a hemostasis and wound dressing for periodontal surgery, implant surgery, sinus lifting, bone defect surgery and tooth extraction.

Collagen wound dressing is proven to be effective in the treatment of chronic ulcers, such as diabetic ulcer and pressure sore, and the treatment of burns and scalds as the artificial skin in dermis reconstruction.

It also can be used as an anti- scar wound dressing for surgical wounds, especially after caesarean section. It is not only to accelerate the healing of surgical wound, but also reduce the formation of scar tissues.

Dental Collagen Membrane



The Dental Collagen Membrane is a tissue regeneration membrane can effectively block the ingrowth of soft tissue to ensure that the alveolar bone has sufficient time and space to grow in and repair.

The collagen membrane is made of special specifications of collagen and produced through cross-linking and freeze-drying. The resorption time is about 16-20 weeks.

Synthetic Collagen Bone Graft Substitute



The bone void filler - the artificial bone - is usually applied in medical treatment of bone repair, such as bone fracture, spinal fusion surgery, osteoma surgery, craniofacial reconstruction and alveolar bone reconstruction surgery.

As the bone graft products derived from cadaveric bone or animal bone have the problems of infection, source and morality, and some artificial bones are based on bio-ceramics, the resorption and degradation in human body is slow and the effect of bone regeneration is poor and dissatisfactory.

The collagen bone graft substitute developed by Victory Biotech is a tissue engineering product, by mimicking the composition and structure of human cancellous bone. When the collagen synthetic bone implanted in bone defect, the collagen will attract bone marrow cells and become stroma of stem cells, carrier of growth factors which will be osteoconductive, osteoinductive and osteogenic, accelerating the healing in regeneration.

Dura Mater Product



The clinical application of the dura is mainly for the repair of the meninges after the cerebral surgery or after spinal surgery as a barrier to prevent the adhesion of tissues.

The main function is to avoid leakage of cerebrospinal fluid, tissue adhesion and promote meningeal repair.

The repair efficiency of the artificial collagen dura mater has substantially improved the convenience of surgery, the healing and repair effects.

The dura mater developed by Victory Biotech is made of purified collagen. In the manufacturing process, hyaluronic acid is added to inhibit the inflammation and clear the free radicals to strengthen the anti-adhesion effects. The Dura Mater Product is degradable and resorbable.

Anti Adhesion Product



The mechanism of anti-adhesion is inhibiting inflammation, clearing free radicals and barriering tissue. The adhesions resulting from surgical procedures will cause severe pain to patient, and second surgery should be performed to remove adhesions.

The anti-adhesion products developed by Victory Biotech include anti-adhesion gel and anti-adhesion film. The main material is the composite of hyaluronic acid and collagen.

The Anti Adhesion products are absorbable and more effective in preventing tissue adhesion after surgery, helping patients avoid the pain of tissue adhesion. The Anti Adhesion Product will be degraded and resorbed in about 4 weeks.

Collagen Dermal Filler



Collagen implant is a kind of subcutaneous filler(Dermal filler), implantable under the skin in a non-surgical way to increase the capacity of dermis, so as to smooth wrinkles, improve facial defects and sculpt perfect skin.

The collagen implant is atelocollagen (Removal of immune terminals). The collagen used is produced by a patented purification process. Combined with advanced immune modification technology, the modified collagen has almost no risk of allergic reaction. Through innovative fiber induction technology, the complete collagen fiber is more closely stacked, so that the implanted collagen can stay in the dermis for a longer time.


Chairman & President -Ms. Zhou Yaxian


Ms. Zhou Yaxian


Chairman of the board of directors & President of the Shenguan Holdings.

Chief scientist of collagen technology application

Chief scientist-Dr. Tsai Chen-chi


Dr. Tsai Chen-chi


Chief scientist of collagen medical devices in Shenguan Holdings

General Manager of Guangdong Victory Biotech Co., Ltd. & Wuzhou Victory Biotech Co., Ltd.

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