​Application of Medical Grade Atelocollagen Products

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Medical Grade Atelocollagen Products include Fibrillar Atelocollagen Powder, Soluble Atelocollagen Powder, and other products. Medical Grade Atelocollagen Products in the medical field mainly include wound dressings, hemostatic materials, injection filling materials, drug carriers, etc. Next, let us learn more about the application of Medical Grade Atelocollagen Products. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

Wound dressing.

Hemostatic material.

Filling material injecetion.

Drug carrier.

Wound dressing.

The collagen in Medical Grade Atelocollagen Products can promote cell division and proliferation, maintain cell division function, and promote the differentiation of corneal epithelial cells. Therefore, it can be used as a raw material for various wound repair dressings. Medical Grade Atelocollagen Products dressings come in various forms, such as diaphragm, spongy and granular, which can be used for skin repair, oral repair, neurosurgical repair, etc.

Medical Grade Atelocollagen Products

Hemostatic material.

The lower layer of vascular endothelial cells is composed of a series of extracellular matrix proteins, among which the fibrin principle is the main matrix protein that induces thrombus formation. When the endothelial cells of the blood vessel wall are peeled off, causing the collagen to be exposed to the blood, the platelets in the flowing blood are immediately adsorbed together with the collagen fibers, and an agglutination reaction occurs, thereby forming a thrombus. Medical Grade Atelocollagen Products promote the coagulation of platelets by activating coagulation factor Ⅻ, promoting the activation of coagulation factor XI and Ⅴ. Therefore, collagen is used as a hemostatic agent and can be made into a variety of physical forms such as powder, flake, and sponge. For repair or reconstruction of damaged tissue , the cell slowly enter into the implanted collagen and secrete required substance to rebuild or repair the tissue defects. The implanted collagen will be gradually degraded and absorbed as the tissue grows.  As a carrier, Collagen Sponge Wound Dressing can be combined with antibiotics, growth factors and absorbent dressing, it is a multi-functional wound dressing and usually used for the treatment of chronic ulcers (diabetic ulcer and pressure sore), the burns and scalds ( artificial skin for dermis reconstruction).

Filling material injecetion

The collagen with the telopeptide removed has biological characteristics such as low antigenicity, good biocompatibility, and biodegradability. It is also conducive to the survival and growth of fibroblasts and can be used as a filling material for facial contour correction, wrinkle, and scar repair, and other medical cosmetology. Medical grade Water Soluble Atelocollagen Solution must have a certain degree of plasticity and elasticity when used for facial plastic surgery. It is a gel-like liquid at room temperature and will be transformed into a semi-solid colloid when injected into the body. In addition to the correction of various skin defects, Medical Grade Atelocollagen Products can also be used for the repair of the esophageal sphincter, vocal cords, and periodontal diseases.

Drug carrier.

Under different conditions, such as temperature, pH, ionic strength, etc., collagen can undergo aggregation or assembly behaviors and present various forms, such as hydrogels, membranes, microspheres, and microfibers. Then, by combining antibiotics, proteins, genes, and other drugs, a diversified drug release system is constructed to achieve different release requirements and therapeutic effects. Commonly used Medical Grade Atelocollagen Products drug carrier systems mainly include collagen sponges for burns and trauma and collagen materials for transdermal release.

Our official website is https://www.victorybio.com/. If you are in a related profession or are interested in our Medical Grade Atelocollagen Products, please feel free to contact us. As we all know, only large-scale production can effectively reduce costs and maintain consistent quality. We are convinced that the products we provide to customers have strong competitiveness and high CP value advantages.

Victory Biotech Co., Ltd has been focusing on,

1. the atelocollagen raw materials with low endotoxin and complete triple helix structure.

2. the medical grade type I collagen raw materials and semi-finished products.

3. the purification technologies of collagen and the processing of advanced medical products.

Victory Biotech has developed a full range of collagen products, such as powder, sheet, sponge, plug, membrane, cream, slurry and solution, which can be applied to,

a) Implantable medical devices:

Hemostatic and wound dressing, chronic ulcer wound dressing, GTR membrane for oral/bone tissue regeneration, Dura mater and anti-adhesion products.

b) Skincare products:

Collagen essence, freeze-dried collagen crystals, which can be used to the skin moisturizing and repai

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