Collagen raw materials for medical and skin care
a) Proprietary technology for the production of medical grade collagen raw materials with high annual production capacity for use in implantable medical devices and medical aesthetic products.
b) The animal tissues used are sourced from Australia and New Zealand and are ISO13485-2003, IS022442-2007 and EDQM certified.
c) A wide variety of forms such as powder, slurry and liquid are available, and customized collagen raw material specifications are available to meet different customer needs.

a)Medically the physiological mechanism of implanted collagen for repair or reconstruction of the damaged tissue is that the cell slowly entre into the implanted collagen and secrete required substance to rebuild or repair the tissue defects. The implanted collagen will be gradually degraded and absorbed as the tissue grows.

b)Hemostatic and wound dressing,Chronic ulcer wound dressing, GTR membrane for bone tissue regenerationDura membrane and Anti-adhesion membrane,which are applied for general surgery,orthopedics, dentistry and obstetrics.

c)Provide technical services to adjust the length of collagen fibres or the concentration of collagen, and customise the collagen specifications. Supply of Original Equipment Manufacturer.

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