​Application of dental collagen plug and membrane

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Dental collagen products are medical consumables commonly used in surgery to act as fillers, stop bleeding quickly, prevent adhesion, accelerate wound healing, and reduce the prevention of postoperative complications. Some examples of the use of dental collagen products are shown below.

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Application after cyst removal

Application in guided periodontal tissue regeneration

Application after cyst removal

Teeth affected by periapical lesions that cannot be cured by root canal therapy or apicoectomy can only be extracted as the final treatment. Eventually, more serious lesions such as periapical cysts may be caused, and as the lesion develops, the cavity gradually increases in size, eroding and destroying the surrounding bone tissue. Periapical cysts can be treated clinically by cyst removal, where the cyst wall and the destroyed bone can be completely removed during the procedure. However, after scraping the cyst wall and removing the dead bone, a relatively large invalid cavity remains, and the incision surface and bone surface often ooze blood and local swelling, leading to increased pressure in the cavity and causing complications such as postoperative pain and delayed incision healing.

Dental collagen products

However, if the pressure is incomplete or incorrectly positioned, or if the iodine gauze is exposed in the oral cavity, it can cause retrograde infection and affect the healing of the incision. However, dental collagen wound dressing plug can gradually degrade into small molecules, such as hydroxyproline, which can repair damaged tissues and can be absorbed by tissues. The dental collagen wound dressing plug can absorb a large amount of postoperative blood leakage and effectively prevent blood from pooling in the cavity. In preventing bleeding, it promotes adhesion and aggregation of the periodontal membrane, which triggers the endogenous coagulation process. The use of dental collagen wound dressing plug to fill the ineffective cavity after periapical cyst removal provides better control of local swelling and pain in patients and faster wound healing compared to the traditional iodomimetic strip filling method.

Application in guided periodontal tissue regeneration

Patients with severe alveolar bone resorption can effectively expand the bone volume and restore alveolar bone height and fullness through guided bone regeneration techniques. The key factor of the entire osteogenic quality is the blockage of fibroblasts in soft tissue by biofilm shielding, which is the core of the guided bone regeneration technique. If the autologous soft tissue is not enough to encapsulate the bone tissue after the guided bone regeneration technique implantation, the transplanted soft tissue flap is prone to necrosis due to poor blood flow if the autologous soft tissue graft is taken. To avoid the above situation, dental collagen membrane can be used instead of autologous soft tissue to fill the soft-tissue defect site. Dental collagen membrane is derived from the bovine/porcine origin, and the biomechanical and physiological properties are well preserved.

The dual layer, crosslinked collagen membrane has exceptional toughness, excellent tear and tensile strength, and a degradation cycle of up to 6 months. This covers many advantages of enrichment, vascularization, and barrier as a better choice of biomaterials for guided bone regeneration technology.

Guangdong Victory Biotech Co., Ltd produces dental collagen plug and membrane that are widely used, reliable and trustworthy.

Victory Biotech Co., Ltd has been focusing on,

1. the atelocollagen raw materials with low endotoxin and complete triple helix structure.

2. the medical grade type I collagen raw materials and semi-finished products.

3. the purification technologies of collagen and the processing of advanced medical products.

Victory Biotech has developed a full range of collagen products, such as powder, sheet, sponge, plug, membrane, cream, slurry and solution, which can be applied to,

a) Implantable medical devices:

Hemostatic and wound dressing, chronic ulcer wound dressing, GTR membrane for oral/bone tissue regeneration, Dura mater and anti-adhesion products.

b) Skincare products:

Collagen essence, freeze-dried collagen crystals, which can be used to the skin moisturizing and repair.

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