Dental collagen wound dressing sponge for periodontitis

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Dental collagen wound dressing sponges can be used for different sizes and shapes of residual cavities caused by different oral surgeries, while promoting tissue healing, accelerating wound closure, and maintaining the aesthetics of the mouth. The dental collagen wound dressing sponge can also be used to treat periodontitis, as described below.

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One of the diagnostic criteria for periodontitis is the resorption of the alveolar bone, which eventually falls out or is extracted when the lesion progresses to the point where the tooth is loose and cannot be retained by other treatments. In order not to interfere with implants and restorations in the future, when extractions are given to teeth that cannot be preserved, the granulation and infected tissues should be thoroughly removed intraoperatively and the resorption of the alveolar bone should be minimized.

Principle of action

The cross-linked enzyme-treated dental collagen wound dressing sponge is extremely low in antigenicity, isolates microorganisms, and its porous scaffold structure facilitates the induction of infiltration and value-added of restorative cells in the dressing, which can be used for a long time for wound filling and accelerates wound healing. Degradable collagen eventually degrades to amino acids on the surface of the wound to provide the repair cells with nutrients for wound repair. Dental collagen wound dressing sponge is a growth-promoting factor for fibroblasts, vascular endothelial cells, etc. It promotes capillary formation, accelerates granulation tissue growth, and provides rich nutrition for tissue growth. Fibroblasts are also the main cells for collagen synthesis, and collagen is the main component of the intercellular matrix in granulation tissue. Therefore, a dental collagen wound dressing sponge can quickly guide the growth and migration of cells, which is conducive to tissue regeneration and the fusion of new tissues with collagen material, and as a dependency and scaffold for cell growth, it can promote fibroblast and osteoblast differentiation and accelerate autologous collagen synthesis.

Collagen exists in many tissues and organs of the human body and is produced by fibroblasts. It is a major component of skin, blood vessels, organs, tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage, and other connective tissues as well as the extracellular matrix of tissues, and is an important component of many tissues in mammals and humans. Through specialized separation and purification techniques, active collagen can be extracted from healthy animal tissues. Medical collagen is extremely similar in structure to human collagen and is an ideal carrier for human cells, similar to the extracellular matrix, and has good compatibility with living cells. The antigenic end is excised using internationally advanced enzymatic cutting technology to ensure its efficacy in tissue reconstruction after in vivo implantation while ensuring clinical safety.

To increase the strength of collagen against tensile force and biodegradation cycle, collagen molecules can be woven into a stable mesh-like porous structure, i.e. collagen scaffold, by cross-linking technology. The scaffold form allows the cells attached to it to migrate and add value, allowing the tissue to grow and repair in a predetermined form, eventually becoming the desired human tissue. According to its principle dental collagen wound dressing sponge used for filling of extraction, sockets can significantly accelerate the functional reconstruction of the extraction sockets tissue, and its sponge-like Class III implant material consisting of active collagen scaffold is used for safe postoperative wound management and functional reconstruction of the tissue.

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