Dental collagen wound dressing sponges can stop bleeding

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Dental and alveolar surgery is the most basic and commonly used part of the disciplinary field of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Although contemporary dentistry still emphasizes tooth preservation as the primary goal, the end-stage treatment for certain oral diseases (including affected teeth and additional teeth and buried teeth that cannot be restored and utilized with current treatments due to dental lesions, periapical disease, periodontal disease, dental trauma, and misaligned teeth) is still tooth extraction. Common complications of tooth extraction include pain, swelling, bleeding, infection, dry socket, and oral maxillary sinus colic. To prevent and treat these post-extraction complications, filling materials, such as dental collagen wound dressing sponges, are often applied to the extraction wound. Next is the application of dental collagen wound dressing sponges in extraction sockets to stop bleeding.

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  • Causes and solutions of postoperative bleeding

  • Principle of action


Causes and solutions of postoperative bleeding

The most common postoperative complication of tooth extraction is postoperative bleeding, with an incidence of up to 26%. The causes of bleeding after tooth extraction can be divided into systemic factors and local factors. Common local factors: the presence of unremoved inflammatory granulation tissue in the extraction socket, intraoperative gingival tear, fracture of the alveolar process, rupture of small blood vessels as well as larger well-known blood vessels in the socket, etc.; the dislodgement of blood clots due to various reasons can also cause bleeding.

In the past, the general prevention and treatment of post-extraction bleeding caused by systemic factors were to take preoperative and postoperative measures to prevent the diseases that may cause it; post-operative bleeding caused by local factors was solved by local treatment. However, numerous studies have shown that systemic treatment is costly and increases the risk of vascular embolism and other serious complications. Therefore, effective control and local management of bleeding from extraction wounds are essential. In addition to suturing and compression methods to stop bleeding, certain biological materials with hemostatic effects, such as dental collagen wound dressing sponges, can be filled into the extraction wounds, even for patients with systemic bleeding and coagulation disorders, to achieve the desired effect.

Principle of action

Collagen sponge is usually made from bovine Achilles tendon or hides, which is cleaned and disinfected after selecting and removing impurities, fat and fascial tissue, and the purified type I collagen is made by enzymatic digestion, acid, alkali, and organic solvent treatment, and then cross-linked, frozen and dried into sponge form, which is a high purity collagen jelly product. Collagen has a sufficiently developed four-level mesh structure, which makes it have the cohesive force of tissue growth scaffold; collagen can bond with platelets to make platelets work to form thrombus with hemostatic effect; the sponge-like protein can absorb blood and osmosis fluid in the diffuse bleeding alveolar fossa, thus increasing tissue pressure and further speeding up hemostasis. Effectively preventing and managing bleeding after tooth extraction, protecting the blood clot from falling off, and ensuring the quality of the clot are of great significance in promoting the healing of the extraction wound.

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