​Dental post-extraction complications treated by collagen products

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Common tooth extraction complications include pain, swelling, bleeding, infection, dry socket, and oral maxillary sinus colic. Dental collagen products can be used to treat post-extraction complications, which are described below.

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Dry socket in extraction sockets

Non-surgical treatment of maxillary sinus perforation due to tooth extraction

Dry socket in extraction sockets

Dry socket is another common complication after tooth extraction and current theories attribute the etiology of the dry socket to infection of the extraction wound, high extraction trauma, blood clot shedding, and blood clot fibrinolysis. Based on the current etiology, dry sockets can be prevented during tooth extraction procedures by strictly following aseptic procedures, effectively controlling pathogenic microorganisms in the extraction wound postoperatively, and ensuring the formation of blood clots. One of the methods is to fill the extraction sockets with drugs that have the potential to prevent the occurrence of dry socket, and animal experiments have demonstrated that covering the wound surface with a dental collagen wound dressing sponge/plug promotes the migration of epithelial cells and fibroblasts, resulting in increased deposition of collagen in the wound, which causes contraction, promotes epidermal and dermal regeneration, and facilitates healing. Dental collagen wound dressing sponge/plug has biologically active collagen, which does not inhibit cell growth.

Dental collagen products

The dental collagen wound dressing sponge/plug is filled in the extraction sockets and its rough surface absorbs blood and exudate to make it fit closely to the wound surface with good affinity and adheres evenly and tightly to the wound surface, preventing both internal loss of body fluids and water and external bacterial invasion, and prevent infection. The exudate and blood absorbed by the dental collagen wound dressing sponge/plug, do not cause the sponge to pressure on the wound, but rather to reduce pain, maintain and promote the normal growth of granulation and epithelial tissue, and promote wound healing so that it can achieve the therapeutic effect of preventing swelling, restricted mouth opening and the occurrence of dry socket disease. In addition, the dental collagen wound dressing sponge/plug provides a scaffolding effect for up to 3 weeks to guide the migration and crawling growth of new tissue cells compared to the absorbable gelatin sponge that also prevents dry sockets.

Non-surgical treatment of maxillary sinus perforation due to tooth extraction

The posterior maxillary teeth are near the maxillary sinus and may often lead to maxillary sinus perforation due to extraction of the posterior maxillary teeth, with an incidence of 0.31% to 4.79%. Maxillary sinus perforation means that the oral cavity is in traffic with the maxillary sinus cavity, and prolonged exposure of the maxillary sinus cavity to the oral cavity significantly increases the probability of maxillary sinusitis and maxillary sinus fistula. To prevent a series of secondary conditions that may arise after maxillary sinus perforation, studies have shown that the perforated traffic is usually closed within 48 h after the occurrence of the perforation. In order not to cause patients the painful, swollen tissue flap necrosis caused by secondary surgical trauma, more and more oral and maxillofacial surgeons are using non-surgical treatment, that is, filling the alveolar fossa of the perforated maxillary sinus with an absorbable organic biomaterial.

The columnar shape of the dental collagen wound dressing sponge/plug is ideal for filling maxillary sinus penetrations caused by tooth extraction, eliminating oral and maxillary sinus traffic, and the active collagen scaffold rapidly guides soft tissue healing, reduces bone resorption, and closes the maxillary sinus. The dental collagen wound dressing sponge/plug is inserted into the extraction socket and gradually reduced to small molecules, such as hydroxyproline, which can be completely absorbed by the tissue, avoiding the inconvenience of some non-absorbable filling materials, and the dental collagen wound dressing sponge/plug has a more stable efficacy.

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