How do I use Collagen Wound Dressing

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At the same time, due to the special characteristics of certain parts of the body, Collagen Wound Dressing is more difficult to fix, although bandages or elastic mesh can be used for external fixation, but often due to patient restlessness or activities that lead to Collagen Wound Dressing easily fall off, increasing the patient's treatment costs and nursing hours. In addition, patients are afraid to turn over or get out of bed for fear of the Collagen Wound Dressing falling off, which affects the recovery of the wound and the disease; if the wound dressing is not falling off, leaking, or contaminated, it can be changed once every 5-7 days to maintain a constant wound temperature and humidity, which can effectively promote wound healing and shorten the healing time. Frequent changes not only fail to achieve effective therapeutic results but also increase the economic burden of the patient. Therefore, it is worth studying how to apply special wound dressings in such a way that Collagen Wound Dressing can be applied securely, firmly, and long-lastingly, facilitating the patient's movement and comfort, and at the same time facilitating wound healing. Do you know how to apply Collagen Wound Dressing correctly?

Here is the content list:

•External fixation

•Adhesion method

External fixation

Collagen Wound Dressingmaintains a constant temperature and moisture level for wound healing and generally lasts for 5-7 days if the Collagen Wound Dressing is not peeling or leaking. Although closed or semi-closed wet dressings are generally self-adhesive, the adhesive around the edges of the Collagen Wound Dressing will stick to the garment during patient use and can be easily lifted, especially when the patient is uncooperative or irritable and in areas prone to friction, which can affect the duration of use. In addition, in areas such as the sacrococcygeal region, the dressing can easily be contaminated by urine or feces, thus shortening the application time and affecting the therapeutic effect. Therefore, to prolong the use of the self-adhesive dressing and to ensure that the dressing achieves the desired therapeutic effect, the self-adhesive dressing needs to be fixed externally.

Adhesion method

Wash and dry the wound and surrounding skin, Collagen Wound Dressing from the center of the wound, then smooth the Collagen Wound Dressing in all directions by hand to avoid leaving gaps or folds, the size of the Collagen Wound Dressing should extend at least 2-3cm beyond the outer edge of the wound. To avoid displacement of the dressing when the patient moves, the edges of the Collagen Wound Dressing should be edged with a breathable wide tape or transparent sheeting to avoid displacement of the dressing. The dressing should be covered with a transparent film to avoid contamination in areas that are easily contaminated by feces or urine, and the date marked on the outer layer of the dressing will give a clear idea of how long the dressing has been in use. To change the Collagen Wound Dressing, press the skin with one hand and start to remove it slowly from one corner of the dressing to avoid damaging the skin.

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