How to select cosmetic collagen products?

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As we are aging, collagen is gradually lost. Women in their 20's have started to age and lose collagen, the content decreases year by year, 25 years old is the peak of the loss, the reason for wrinkles is because of collagen and water loss, resulting in skin collapse. Therefore, to slow down aging must be supplemented with collagen.

Cosmetic collagen products are our nourishment to the skin and are a good helper to help the skin resist aging. How to choose a good collagen skincare product has become a problem for everyone now. The following is an introduction to some methods of choosing cosmetic collagen products.

Here is the content list:

  • Look at the production process

  • Look at the raw materials

  • Look at the characteristics

  • Look at the active ingredients in the test report

  • Look at the safety data is complete

  • Look for undesirable substances

Look at the production process

The first step is to understand the production process of the product. The production of cosmetic collagen products usually uses two methods: acid hydrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis, which is safer than acid hydrolysis of gelatin (or animal bone) and does not destroy its natural chemical structure due to the action of strong acids and bases.

Look at the raw materials

The raw materials of good cosmetic collagen products are healthy, virus-free, infection-free suspected animal skins, and the final product should be a small molecular peptide structure. According to medical experimental tests, it has been proven that collagen with a molecular weight of fewer than 1000 daltons is effective in oral or topical beauty, and collagen with a molecular weight of fewer than 1000 daltons can be absorbed and utilized by more than 90%.

Look at the characteristics

Do not buy a cosmetic collagen product if it contains alcohol in its table of contents. This is because alcohol and collagen will react chemically. It is very harmful to our human skin. The cosmetic collagen products are generally the kind of lotions or serums that are best for skin absorption. The actual collagen is fully dissolved into a clear and transparent liquid in the cosmetic collagen products, if you can see the white collagen precipitate skincare products, please do not buy.

Look at the active ingredients in the test report

A good cosmetic collagen product has a high content of effective amino acids, such as proline, glycine, lysine, etc. is the basis for the synthesis of protein, for the body to promote the synthesis of collagen substances effective amino acids. Good collagen these amino acid content should be high, so the next time you buy to see if the amino acid content is high enough.

Look at the safety data is complete

Cosmetic collagen products raw material manufacturers should have safety tests, allergy tests, efficacy tests, and other reports.

Look for undesirable substances

Cosmetic collagen products should not contain antibiotics, cholesterol, fat, heavy metals, preservatives, and other undesirable substances.

Guangdong Victory Biotech Co., Ltd produces cosmetic collagen products with high quality and safe raw materials, using a scientific production process, high content of active ingredients, and no undesirable substances.

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