KOLLA MED Hydrogel Wound Barrier Pad

HWD-1: 66mm*66mm、 HWD-2: 60mm *130mm、 HWD-3: 60mm *170mm、 HWD-4: 60mm *200mm
HWD-5: 60mm*250mm、 HWD-6: 70mm*70mm、 HWD-7: 90mm*90mm、 HWD-8: 120mm*120mm、

Product Description

Ultra thin, transparent, hygroscopic, waterproof, bacteria resistant and breathable to maintain an effective wound healing environment. Keep the wound moist, accelerate wound healing and reduce the chance of scars. The advantages in use are,

1)First aid and temporary dressing of surgical wounds, trauma wounds, laparotomy wounds and other wounds.

2)Cover, isolate and protect the wound to avoid re-injury.

3) It will help the patients to carry out some gentle activity (light work, bathing, washing, etc.) in daily life, and the wound will not be affected.

4) The used materials are low sensitive materials and do not produce allergy.

5) Easy to use.

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