Orthopedic Implantable Collagen Bone Grfat Matrix

5cc/vial, 10cc/vial, 45x15x3mm, 22x15x3mm, 10x10x10mm, implantable, could be re-shaped for use, in forms of grannule, strip & block, 1pc/box

Product Description

Scaffold, Osteoinductive, osteoconductive.

Bone tissue engineering, bone regeneration, synthetic bone, artificial bone, bone repair, bioactive properties,

collagen-based medical products used for tissue and bone repair and regeneration.

With biocompatible bone substitutes, bone ingrowth progresses through gradual resorption of the implant material from the outer part of the implant to the core by osteoconduction.

Type I collagen and ß-TCP , implanted in bone defect ,rebuild or repair the tissue defects, a bone void filler for fractures ,osteoconductive and provides an environment for new bone regeneration, degradable and absorbable when the new bone grow,  resorption about 12 weeks, mimicking the composition and structure of human cancellous bone.

To Use:

Mix saline or blood with the bone graf substitute to re-shape for fitting the bone defect.

Insert the bone graft substitute and cover with membrane with the smooth surface to the soft tissue side. Suture the wound site.

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