Sponge Type I Implantable Collagen Plug for Dental

Ø10 x 20mm, implantable, hemostatic dental plug, 10pcs/box

Product Description


Hemostatic and wound dressing for oral extraction and implant surgery,  resorption time is around 2 weeks. used for tissue repair after resection of oral cancer, and  can be used as a hemostasis for periodontal surgery, implant surgery, sinus lifting and defect surgery.

Biodegradable Collagen Plug in Post-extraction Preservation of Socket.

To Use:

Re-shape and trimmed the collagen plug to fit the wound cavity, and insert the plug to the cavity.

Suture to fix the plug.

How Triple Helix Collagen Dressing Works

Collagen Dressing is a unique porous 100% collagen for moist wound healing environments. Collagen is a low antigenic collagen that will minimize an immune reaction. When mixed with saline or water, Collagen Powder creates a soft conformable gel on contact with the wound fluid. It has a high exudate absorption and retention that provides a moist wound healing environment. It may be used as a hemostatic dressing.

Collagen technology represents one of the most promising breakthroughs in wound healing. By mimicking the body’s own collagen, these Type I bovine collagen help to create a biological response, attracting the cellular components necessary to stimulate the healing process. They stop bleeding as they bind to specific receptor sites, aid in wound cleansing and the establishment of new tissue and blood vessels, and create a structural matrix for healing. Indicated for undermined/tunneled, infected/contaminated, deep cavity, surgical and traumatic wounds that are draining.

Collagen Dressing forms a protective gel on the wound bed. This gel protects new cells and tissue from dehydration providing a moist environment to promote rapid healing.

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