What are the advantages of dental collagen products?

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Dental collagen products are a new type of biomaterial that plays a great role in hemostasis, soft tissue repair, hard tissue repair, infection control, and wound treatment. The active collagen extracted from healthy animal tissues has a structure similar to human collagen, which makes it an ideal carrier for human cells and resembles the extracellular matrix, giving it good compatibility with living cells. Next is a description of the functions of dental collagen products.

Here is the content list:

  • Hemostatic function

  • The function of promoting wound healing

  • Low immunogenicity

  • Biocompatibility

  • Biodegradability

  • Fluid absorbing function

  • Excellent physical properties

dental collagen product

Hemostatic function

Dental collagen products have a rapid hemostatic effect. It stimulates platelets to release clotting factors and activate prothrombin when it comes into contact with blood, which promotes the rapid formation of blood clots. Moreover, the fibrous structure of dental collagen products itself helps blood cells to coagulate and form a gel layer on the wound surface, which can achieve hemostasis more effectively.

The function of promoting wound healing

Collagen itself is an important component of the intercellular matrix, it can form a gel-like solution in the dissolved state, which can stimulate cell division and facilitate cell crawling to the wound site to repair the defect. Chitosan promotes the secretion of polysaccharide-like intercellular matrix by cells and inhibits fibroblast growth, reducing scar formation. The material made of both helps to promote wound healing.

Low immunogenicity

Dental collagen products have low immunogenicity, as medical biomaterials, the most important feature of collagen is its low immunogenicity. There are three types of antigen molecules of collagen; the first category is the collagen telopeptide of the non-helical peptide chains; the second is the conformation of the triple helix of collagen, and the third category is the amino acid sequence of a-helix region; wherein the second kind of antigen is only presented in natural collagen molecule; the third kind of antigen only exists in denatured collagen; the first class I antigens factor are presented in both native and denatured collagen.


Dental collagen products have good biocompatibility, which refers to the well interaction between collagen and host cells and tissues. Whether as the backbone of the new organization before being absorbed, or being assimilated into the host to become part of it, the collagen always has good interaction with the matrix surrounding them which exhibits the coordination of interaction with each other. Moreover, it will become the part of the integral of normal physiological function of cells and tissues.


Collagen can be degraded by specific protease. That means it is biodegradable. Because collagen has a tightening and stable helical structure, the vast majority of protease can only cleave its side chains. Only with specific proteases under certain conditions can the peptide bonds of collagen be broken. Once the collagen peptide bonds were broken, its helical structure is destroyed immediately with the broken collagen polypeptide being totally degraded by protease. Dental collagen products have biodegradable properties. Collagen can be degraded into peptides, which can be absorbed by the human body. Compared with the traditional dressing, it can be maintained at the wound for a long time without treatment, with fewer dressing changes, which is conducive to wound healing, saves nursing time, and reduces the patient's pain and economic burden.

Fluid absorbing function

Dental collagen products have a strong ability to absorb exudate, which can absorb all kinds of trauma exudate and keep the trauma dry to reduce the possibility of re-infection. It has good adhesion to the wound surface and is less likely to rebleed and bleed.

Excellent physical properties

The dental collagen product is soft, breathable, non-irritating, and has isolation protection, it is easy to be applied and can conform to the appearance and curved contour of the wound.

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