What are the forms of Collagen Wound Dressing

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Collagen Wound Dressing comes in a variety of forms, they can be an amorphous gel, flakes, or powder that can absorb varying degrees of wound exudate. Collagen Wound Dressing can also be combined with silver to block bioburden or biofilm in the wound environment. Some collagen dressings are combined with other components such as ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), or alginate to enhance the properties of collagen, thus having the dual effect of reducing MMP activity or controlling exudate. And do you know what kinds of Collagen Wound Dressing is available for medical applications?

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• Collagen Wound Dressing

•Collagen Wound Dressing Powder

•Collagen Wound Dressing Sponge

collagen wound dressing

Collagen Wound Dressing

Collagen Wound Dressing supports a moist wound healing environment, promotes the deposition of new collagen fibers, and supports new tissue growth and granulation tissue formation in the wound bed. Excess MMP in the wound interferes with the normal wound healing process and Collagen Wound Dressing binds and inactivates matrix metalloproteinases in the extracellular matrix. Matrix metalloproteinases attack and break down collagen, so Collagen Wound Dressing gives these enzymes an alternative source of collagen. This makes the body's natural collagen readily available for tissue growth during the wound healing process. Wound healing is therefore facilitated by the use of Collagen Wound Dressing.

Collagen Wound Dressing Powder

Collagen can promote collagen synthesis, shorten the inflammatory response during the wound healing process, promote vascular regeneration, increase local oxygen supply and speed up wound healing.

Apply Collagen Wound Dressing Powder directly to the affected area, or use Collagen Wound Dressing Powder mixed with blood or bone marrow to the wound .

For burns and scalds, sprinkle some powder on the wound to stop the bleeding and cause the blood to clot quickly. For burns and scalds, Collagen Wound Dressing Powder can be considered as a wound dressing, as the collagen will bind to the wound and generate the new tissue growth, effectively promoting healing. These are the effects of using Collagen Wound Dressing Powder on wounds. It can be seen that the use of peptide powder for wound treatment not only stops the pain and bleeding but also has healing properties.

Collagen Wound Dressing Sponge

Collagen Wound Dressing Sponge is a white sponge-like solid, sterilized by cobalt-60 radiation, made from biologically purified bovine hides or achilles tendon, and is suitable for filling surgical stumps, stopping bleeding, and promoting healing. Collagen Wound Dressing Sponge holds and promotes normal growth of granulation and epithelial tissue, promotes wound healing and leaves no scars; has a certain mechanical strength, is soft and does not produce deformation; is breathable, permeable, moisturizing and biocompatible.

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