Wound Dressing Regeneratiion Medical Grade Collagen

25*25mm,25*50mm,50*50mm, implantable hemostatic sponge/foam, 1pc/box
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Product Description

Triple Helix Collagen is 100% type-1 bovine. 

Biodegradable- no need to remove product just add more. 

Triple Helix will form a matrix in the wound bed which encourages granulation tissue formation. Recommended for light to heavily exudating wounds.

Maintain an optimal wound environment to promote moist healing of draining wounds with Collagen.

The 100% Type 1 bovine native collagen particles retain their native helical structure, increasing bioavailability to deliver the benefits of collagen to the wound immediately and enhancing the vital scaffolding process for granulation tissue formation.

Aabsorbs 40-60 times its weight in fluid and contributes up to 10 times more denatured collagen protein than other products. Contains no additives, synthetics, or fillers and is effective in all wound phases.

Indicated For: Management of burns, sores, blisters, ulcers, and other wounds

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